Welcome to UK TV Proxy!

UK TV Proxy is a membership only proxy server which is hosted within the UK allowing access to live online TV and 'Watch again' TV services such as BBC Iplayer, ITV Player and Channel4 Catch up service. This is a genuine IP based proxy, you will get your own UK IP address and domain that you can use in your web browsers proxy setting.

What you get

  • Each user gets a dedicated VPS Server running dedicated proxy software, hosted in one of our UK Data Centres
  • 100GB of monthly traffic
  • Unique UK IP Address Specifically for them only
  • Easy to Remember Sub-Domain
  • Full Instructions on how to use the service
  • Email Support
  • True Proxy Server Rather than a Web Proxy such as CGI-Proxy or PhpProxy


"Thanks for a speedy service, I needed to watch the Cricket while I was away on Holiday, perfect" Adam Linit


Speed Test

Here is a video of a Speed Test on one of our proxy Servers, you can see that the only limits are the speed of the broadband from our office, adding the proxy server makes no difference to the browsing speed

Signing up

Signing up to the UK TV Proxy Service is very simple, safe and secure. Just use the buttons below to subscribe via Paypal, you will get an automated receipt from Paypal and we will be notified of your subscription.

We will then create your proxy server for you, test it and then send you the details you need.

This is a manual process as create a new server for each new customer, this means that you get the very best of browsing experience even when browsing through the proxy.

The manual process mean that it can take up to 48 hours for us to create your server, however, our response rate is usually within 24 hours or less.

If you have any problems or queries at all please do not hesitate to contact us.

How it Works

Simply add the proxy details that will be sent to you when you subscribe to your browser setting on your Window, Mac, Linux PC or on your Iphone, Ipad or Smart Phone and your internet traffic will appear to come from the UK.

This means that you can get around restrictions on where you access Streaming TV, when on holiday or on business trips abroad, stay up-to-date with all your favourite TV Shows.

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You can subscribe to the UK TV Proxy Service Securely Via Paypal for just £4.99 per month


Subscribe Yearly (2 months free)

Or £49.99 per year giving you 2 months free!


New! - VPN Servers

You can subscribe to the UK TV VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service Securely Via Paypal for just £7.99 per month


New! - VPN Servers (Yearly)

You can subscribe to the UK TV VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service Securely Via Paypal for just £78.99 per Year giving you two months free!


The Dedicated server will be up and running within 48 hours (usually 24 hours) of your sign-up


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